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Blocked drains and sewers are a pain that nobody likes to deal with. That’s why we offer our clients a fast and reliable solution for emergency situations! Our local Brisbane blocked drains plumber is available 24/7 to help on short notice. With a fully equipped van on the road, we’re fast to get to you and fast to solve the problem.

Offering an efficient and friendly service with a smile is something we take pride in. We understand you’re eager to get back to your own busy life as soon as possible, so we’re always prompt and punctual.

When disaster strikes, our blocked drain plumber services are available across Brisbane and South-East Queensland. Fully qualified and licensed, we offer high-quality plumbing at an affordable cost.

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When arriving on-site, our plumber begins with an efficient diagnosis of the problem. Drains can become blocked due to many different reasons. The likely culprit will differ based on whether the drain in question is in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or outdoors.

For instance, in the kitchen, food waste and grease can build up within the drain. Shower drains, on the other hand, often get blocked due to hair and soap flushing down. Outdoors, it is common in Australia for tree roots to grow through sewage pipes.

At Botanical Plumbing, we don’t just fix the blocked drain, we like to educate the public on how to avoid future blockages. We’re big on transparency, always happy to explain your options to you in detail before starting the work. Once you’re ready to make an informed choice, we use the latest technology to get your drains flowing as good as new.

Keeping clients happy is our focus, so we make sure to do the job right the first time. We’re proud to bring our local community a quality plumbing service at a competitive price.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

A CCTV drain camera inspection is done to determine the condition of a sewage line or stormwater system. It’s a cost-effective and fast way of determining what is blocking the pipe and where without having to dig.

In our CCTV drain camera inspections, we use state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality images and video. From there, we can offer an accurate diagnosis and a plan of action to clear the blockage. CCTV drain camera inspections can be especially helpful in cases where a pipe is located underneath a concreted or paved area.

You’ll receive a full report on the problem, with an accurate quote on how to resolve it. Potential solutions may range from repair to replacement, clearing, ongoing maintenance or realignment. We’ll also offer recommendations on how to avoid the problem in the future. Additionally, videos and still images of the issue are kept on file for future reference.

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