At Botanical Plumbing Services we are committed to providing you with high quality plumbing and gas fitting services throughout South East Queensland. Our team can provide you with expert help 24 hours a day to give you peace of mind with both your plumbing and gas systems. Due to the nature of gas systems and the possible safety risks associated with these systems, it is always important to have a skilled professional providing repairs or maintenance. At Botanical Plumbing Services, our range of knowledge covers everything from small issues to commercial properties.

At Botanical Plumbing Services we are able to help with the following services:

  • Installation and certification, repair, and servicing of of gas lines and appliances including everything from stoves to gas hot water heaters
  • Installing and certifying, servicing, and repairs of heater systems including burners and gas log fires
  • Carbon monoxide testing

Gas Installation

From step one, Botanical Plumbing Services is here to help. Our team can help you every step of the way through the purchase of your new gas appliances. Whether it is a gas heater, a stove or a hot water system we know how to install your system. With gas systems it is imperative that you have it professionally installed.

Though many parts of your house can be installed with a DIY attitude and a bit of elbow grease, this is not the case with gas appliances and systems. Once a gas system is installed it needs to be certified to guarantee it is meeting compliance guidelines. This must be done by a licensed gas plumber and is not an easy box to tick off. When working with the team from Botanical Plumbing Services our first priority is ensuring that your system is correctly installed and meets compliance requirements. We will work with you to make sure that your appliances are correctly installed without interfering with your layout or plans.

The first step, once you have contacted our friendly team, is to let us know what type of appliance or system you need installed along with your budget and timeframes. After we have that information we will walk you through the installation process and how we will be proceeding with getting your system or appliance certified. We want to make sure that you are aware every step of the way and will make sure to keep you informed as we work to install and certify your system or appliance.

Gas Repairs

If your system or appliance is not working properly it is imperative that you reach out to a qualified gas fitter as soon as possible. While a leaking water pipe may cost you quite a bit in water bills, an issue with a gas system can be much more serious. Some of the signs that you may need to get your system repaired include:

  • Surface or walls around your gas system or appliance have become hot or discoloured
  • Your heating system is providing less heat than normal or, perhaps, no heat at all
  • Odd smells, in particular gas smells and the smell of rotten eggs
  • Strange noises coming from your system or appliance
  • Brown or yellow soot marks near your heating system
  • Red or yellow flames rather than blue flames from your appliance (not gas fireplaces)
  • Pilot light keeps going out or will not relight

If you are experiencing any of the above issues it is important that you immediately turn off your appliance or system and contact a licensed gas fitter. Luckily our team at Botanical Plumbing Services is here to help 24/7 and can work with you to diagnose the issue and resolve any concerns that you may be having. Whenever you have concerns with your system or appliance, make sure to contact a professional as issues can be quite serious with gas systems.

Gas Maintenance

It is important to maintain your system or appliance to prevent bigger issues down the line. These issues can include gas leakages and other safety hazards; and as gas appliances tend to be the most used in your house, it is important to get them serviced regularly to prevent this. In particular, if you have a gas hot water system or a gas stove you should be looking to get maintenance a minimum of once a year.
Like with a car, regular servicing allows technicians to spot possible hazards early on and prevent larger concerns down the track, allowing you to save money in the long run. In a regular maintenance visit a technician will take a look at how your appliance or system is operating and if any parts have been damaged or are beginning to degrade. If it is found that parts are missing or broken then your gas fitting expert can schedule proactive repairs rather than waiting for something to go wrong down the track. They can also clean the system and check for any faults that may be making your system perform at a less than optimal level and leading to more costly usage.

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Fully Licensed and Experienced Gas Fitting

At Botanical Plumbing Services we are fully licensed for all your gas fitting services. Whether it is installing and servicing your gas appliance or needing your gas installation certified we are here to help. No matter the time of day or night we will help you to get your system up and running.

license no.: L93156

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