The question is if electric stoves are being put into more and more homes, why are professional chefs still using gas? The answer; it provides a better result. But why is this the case? Below we have outlined the main reasons that a gas stovetop can provide a better cooking experience.

Shorter Heating Time

Gas stoves have a significantly shorter heating time compared to electric stoves. If you have ever used an electric stove before then you would know that it can take quite a while to reach the correct temperature. With a gas range, you simply need to turn on the stove and then adjust the flame, ensuring the cooking time is much faster. This is particularly good for chefs who may need to cook a large number of dishes very quickly.

Ability To Control Heat

When an electrical stove reaches its desired temperature, it turns off before turning back on after the plate begins to cool. This cycle continues, meaning that the electric stove never actually maintains a consistent temperature.

Gas stoves, on the other hand, allow you to more effectively control your heating. The flame is consistent and does not change unless you turn it off or change the setting. This provides a more even heating experience and is better for cooking certain types of food.

Cooling Down Time

Electric stoves do not just take a large amount of time to heat up, but also to cool down. This can be frustrating if you are attempting to reach a specific temperature on your stove and find that it can be hard to find the right temperature as your stove fluctuates between too hot and too cold! This can also be a danger as an electrical stove can stay hot for quite a while after use, even when the red glow has faded away. This can be dangerous, especially if there are young children around.

A gas stove, on the other hand, cools down quite quickly as the temperature is entirely dependent on the flame level. Furthermore, gas stoves cool down a lot faster than electric stoves after their usage.

Ability To Use Different Cooking Implements

If you want to get creative in the kitchen, then a gas stove is the way to go! Gas-top stoves provide a wide range of cooking implements that cannot be used on an electric stove. A great example of this is woks. If you are wanting to cook with a wok (without investing in an expensive electric wok) then gas is your best bet. The open flame allows you to place a wok ring and have even heat for your cooking. Unfortunately, this is impossible with induction or electric stoves as the heat is solely located on the heating pad and nowhere else.

If you are thinking of changing from an electric stove to gas or are looking for someone to walk you through the process of adding a gas stove to your home, contact the experts at Botanical Plumbing today!