Our Guarantee & Special Offer Conditions

Get exceptional plumbing services with Botanical Plumbing! We guarantee respect, transparent pricing, and on-time arrivals. You can view all our terms and conditions here. Contact our team for more information.

We Guarantee

Botanical Plumbing Services is the smart plumbing choice. We strive to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers on every single visit. Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations by going above and beyond what is normally expected.

Our team is committed to going above and beyond to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We Guarantee Respect

Our plumbers are friendly, punctual professionals with the highest-quality tools and standards. You’ll know when they arrive by their branded uniforms – plus you won’t have to worry about a mess afterwards as each job is tidied before leaving!

We Guarantee Honest & Transparent Pricing

Botanical Plumbing Services takes the guesswork out of knowing how much you’ll be spending - no more unexpected charges or hidden costs. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch solutions with a transparent, upfront price for all our customers!

Special Offer Conditions

On-Time Guarantee

We guarantee to arrive on time. If, for some reason, we are unable to make it to your appointment on time, we will take $40 off the total price.

*Terms and conditions apply

*Offer applies if a plumber does not attend your booking within the allotted time frame. The offer does not apply to a rescheduled appointment.

Terms and conditions apply* - Please call us for more details

  • Not applicable with any other offer
  • Available to residential customers only
  • Offer does not apply to travel fee
  • Discount applies to quoted work only
  • The property owner or customer must be present at the site inspection
  • Offer only applies when the plumber arrives after the appointment allocated window, and it is our delay
  • Offer available on initial call-out only

$99 Blocked Drain Special

*The $99 blocked drain special includes the use of hand tools, such as a plunger, to clear the blockage for up to 30 minutes. If the blockage requires additional equipment or time, we will provide an upfront price to clear the blockage.

This offer is suitable for fixture trap blockages such as grease, hair or toilet paper. Our plumber will arrive with more advanced drain clearing equipment, such as CCTV camera and jetter for more difficult blocked drains such as tree roots, collapsed drains or sediment build-ups.

Terms and conditions apply* - Please call us for more details

  • Not applicable with any other offer
  • Available to residential customer only
  • Property owner or customer must be present at the site inspection
  • Drain offer includes 20 minutes with the use of hand tools to clear a blockage through an existing drain access point. If additional equipment, time or access point is required, an upfront quote will be provided before proceeding
  • The attending plumber may determine that additional equipment is required sooner than 20 minutes
  • Offer available on initial call-out only


Workmanship Guarantee

Our workmanship comes fully guaranteed, meaning if there is ever an issue with our work, we will return and make it right. This guarantee is limited to the labour component only and does not cover any materials used.

Warranty On Materials

All materials used by Botanical Plumbing Services are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Botanical Plumbing Services can assist in making a warranty claim on any parts or materials used.

Roof Repairs

All roof and guttering repairs are subject to our workmanship guarantee. The repairs do not cover existing structural issues, design issues or complicated assessments. All materials used are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

See more information about roof repairs.

Hot Water Systems

Our workmanship guarantee covers the installation and repair of hot water systems carried out by our team Botanical Plumbing Services.

See more information about hot water systems.

Drain Clearing

Drains and pipe blockages cleared by Botanical Plumbing Services are covered by a three-month warranty period providing the following conditions are met.

  1. The drain has been inspected with a CCTV drain camera by Botanical Plumbing Services, and no additional issues have been identified in the drain.
  2. A blockage has occurred in the same location as previously cleared.
  3. A rectification solution offered by Botanical Plumbing Services has been accepted, completed, or scheduled.

See more information about blocked drains.

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