Flexi Hose Tips & Tricks

Flexi Hose Tips & Tricks

Hidden Heroes

How often do you look behind your dishwasher or toilet? Likely not very often, unless you’re a plumber like me, of course! Behind your major appliances, sinks, and toilets are hidden heroes – flexi hoses. They are usually stainless steel fabricated hoses that connect hot and cold water to your devices. Without flexi hoses, we wouldn’t have these luxuries.

If not maintained, hoses can easily burst, causing thousands of dollars of damage. One of the most common reasons people make home insurance claims is because they have a broken flexi hose.

Home Tips:

  • Check your hoses for any signs of corrosion or brown patches every few months.
  • Run your fingers along the hose to feel for any changes in the pipe. Be careful, though – metal fibres can be sharp if they have started to unravel.
  • If you have home insurance, check your policy to see if it’s covered by flood insurance. It’s always good to have peace of mind if any pipes burst.
  • If you see any discolouration or damage, get a plumber to check the pipes. They’ll recommend if the pipes need replacement.
  • Avoid kinks (even though they are designed to be kind resistance)
  • Choose the right size hose for new installation

They look a bit scary, but here are some recent photos of flexi hoses I replaced.
(L – almost burst. R – burst)

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